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We find ourselves in challenging times. To meet them more easily, I believe involves challenging ourselves to move beyond old, established habits and patterns.

Perhaps I am a bit late fully entering into the 21st century by starting my blog now, in 2010! In that my work and message has so much to do with slowing down and settling into a deeper knowing beyond and prior to our cultural modes, it may be appropriate to step extra slowly into the world of blogging and other cyber realities.

I suspect that, if you are drawn to my blog and the words here, you may also value this slower, deeper state we are all capable of. I invite you to read on and regularly, and hope the words below can support you in enhancing your ability to be, even in the midst of all the doing required in our modern world.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Living in Interesting Times

I have heard there was an ancient Chinese curse that went, “May you live in interesting times.” 

In researching the origins of this saying, I came across not only some doubt as to how ancient or authentically Chinese it is, but also, remarkably at this time, a reference to Hilary Clinton having used it in her autobiography! (http://quoteinvestigator.com/2015/12/18/live/ accessed November 10th, 2016)

"There's an old Chinese curse, 'May you live in interesting times,' that became a running joke in our family. Bill and I would ask each other, 'Well, are you having an interesting time yet?'"

What seems indisputable is that we do, indeed, live in interesting times, not necessarily in ways you may have hoped or expected them to be interesting!

As I write this, people across the world are reeling in shock at the outcome of the American elections two days ago. It seems that no one, not even Trump supporters, expected this outcome. Whatever your political leanings may be, it is possible that you are part of this international shock wave!

We have entered a new phase of the unknown. How does that affect you? A common reaction to the unknown is fear, but other feelings may accompany it.

For me, there have been powerful waves of sadness, as well as shock. I feel I have witnessed a loud exclamation of the fear impulse through this election process. Living in the UK, I am only too aware of this coming on the heels of another shocking event, when the recent referendum here initiated Brexit. How much change can we tolerate?

In the midst of the news shocks, I observe an unexpected flowering of the plant in my kitchen. I return to my ongoing enquiry: How can I meet what arises with an open, compassionate heart? I share this question with you now.

As the unknown raises its face before ours, we are forced to see what may have previously been in shadow. We must find our balance again as the waves of political or other storms increase their force. How firmly can we rest, even in these moments, in a resilient foundation of love and compassion?

For me, my Continuum Movement practice and meditation practice help me maintain or access equilibrium. I return to the stillness at the heart of the storm.

As I observe the voices of bigotry, ignorance, fear, violence and hatred rising, I am reminded of advice received many years ago. You may have heard it, too. It goes something like this: If you are faced with bullies, powerful or potentially abusive or dangerous people, try seeing them as toddlers in diapers.

We were all little once. Our little ones continue to live within us. They may or may not have received the support, protection, love, reflection, acknowledgment and appreciation they needed back then. Where they were not adequately received and held, their needs persevere, continuing to seek what they need in every interaction. This is true for the big, powerful politicians, as well as everyday people just doing our best to live our lives. How can we acknowledge and meet these little ones now?

I find my little one resonating with the fear in the larger world field in these times. Remembering that I have already survived my childhood, I acknowledge her fear, hold her tenderly in my heart, and feel the love hormone, oxytocin, growing within me. From this place, I can breathe more easily into my heart, and send the loving, healing intentions out to those on the planet less able in this moment to access this natural, essential state of love and being.

I can only hope this practice benefits the world, facilitating peace, health and happiness for all beings.

How do you cope with these interesting times?

* Please note that this blog will be moving to my new website at www.birthingyourlife.org. Please visit my new site and let me know how you find it!

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