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We find ourselves in challenging times. To meet them more easily, I believe involves challenging ourselves to move beyond old, established habits and patterns.

Perhaps I am a bit late fully entering into the 21st century by starting my blog now, in 2010! In that my work and message has so much to do with slowing down and settling into a deeper knowing beyond and prior to our cultural modes, it may be appropriate to step extra slowly into the world of blogging and other cyber realities.

I suspect that, if you are drawn to my blog and the words here, you may also value this slower, deeper state we are all capable of. I invite you to read on and regularly, and hope the words below can support you in enhancing your ability to be, even in the midst of all the doing required in our modern world.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Embryo Earth and Cosmos: Cultivating Resonance and Resilience

 In our natural state, we are resilient, fluid beings, full of potential, like the early embryo. In the beginning, as simple cellular creatures, we consist primarily of fluid. One fertilized egg cell, the largest human cell due to its enormous amount of cytoplasm, will somehow, miraculously, develop into a very complex human body. What guides and directs this miracle remains mysterious. Research is beginning to demonstrate, however, what has always been understood by healers and intuitives. Our formation is informed by subtle energetic communications. We apparently form in light or quantum fields first and then in our physical bodies. These fields seemingly inform the cells and tissues, guiding their activities. For example, scientists observing frog embryos were surprised to witness the frog face forming energetically before it was visible in the physical embryo. You can view this yourself on You Tube at: http://youtu.be/0VULjzX__OM. Scientist Mae-Won Ho also discovered that simple unicellular organisms have a quantum field with a quantum midline, which reacts to changes in the environment before the physical organism does. She writes about this in her book, The Rainbow and the Worm. Other researchers, like the Austrian “water wizard,” Viktor Shauberger, and medical science researcher, Arthur Winfree, noted that everything in nature is organized within an energetic torus-shaped field or fields, each with a central mid-line. We humans are similarly organized within energetic fields.

 The late Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement, recognized through her almost fifty years of inquiry into our fluid nature, that all fluids resonate with each other. In introducing Continuum, she speaks of fluid in our bodies, fluid in the planet and fluid in the galaxy being “engaged in a resonant stream of bio-cosmic nourishment”(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAacwbfveys). Our human expression is continuous with the fluidic expressions of the earth and cosmos. As embryos, our resonance is relatively clear and unobscured. The embryo is in direct communication with the cosmos, and apparently with the same organizing fields of energy guiding the formation of stars, galaxies, rivers, iguanas and human embryos. We can, therefore, benefit from returning to an embryonic state, where we can remember once more that clarity of being.

Deepening into Resonance
When we slow down and listen deeply, we discover waves, spirals and pulsations move within us as within earth and cosmos. We resonate with a profound intelligence forming and supporting all of us. This is a common experience in Continuum Movement. Emilie Conrad was fascinated by the Schumann wave. She believed our everyday activities accelerate us, and that the breaths, sounds and subtle movements of Continuum slowed our human rhythms down, returning to resonance with natural waves of earth and cosmos. The Schumann wave is 7.8 Hz. Conrad suspected those practicing Continuum could resonate with this and eventually even slower frequencies.

Traditional peoples lived in harmony with the earth and valued their relationship with earth and cosmos. The Navaho, for example, practiced ceremony to communicate with the cosmos, which they saw as essential to their well-being and that of the earth. Native Americans speak of their drumming as “the heartbeat of the earth.” Drumming and dancing to the rhythms of the drums apparently takes the participants into resonance with nature, and has been used by peoples all over the world for healing.

Our modern western life style takes us far from these natural rhythms. Conrad perceived our tissue anatomy as changing consistency and function with the speed of daily life. She described three tissue anatomies. The cultural anatomy, present in everyday “fetch wood, carry water” activities, involves our reaction to speed and stress. Our tissues become denser. Our focus narrows. Our sympathetic, fight-flight nervous system is activated. We are designed to be in this state for short periods of time, to escape the saber-toothed tiger, perhaps, or to run after our prey. We are meant to then return to a more relaxed state, where our parasympathetic, rest-and-rejuvenation nervous system can be more active, supporting our immune system, digestion, sleep and other rejuvenative functions. This involves slowing down, which shifts our frequencies.

As we decelerate, Conrad found our tissues begin to soften, melt and become less dense. Our perception widens. We can experience more of the whole, rather than focusing in on one urgent goal. We enter what Conrad termed the primordial anatomy. In this more fluid state, we may feel like a little embryo floating in nutritive amniotic fluid. We find ourselves accessing our early potential as embryos, deepening under our life patterns. Here, we may re-form ourselves within a different, more supportive context than the family or environment we may have actually grown in prenatally. Conrad often spoke of the embryo, like the cosmos, being made of spiraled water. Water is a highly resonant element. As fluid beings, embryos resonate directly with the cosmos. When we slow down even further, we enter the third tissue anatomy, the cosmic anatomy. Here, in direct resonance with cosmic bio-fields, we experience ourselves more as energetic beings, suspended in space. From my work with Craniosacral Biodynamics, I recognize these three tissues anatomies as parallel to the three bodies we perceive in Biodynamics, each expressing different subtle rhythms: physical, fluid and the field of radiance of the long tide. Other practices  and traditions also describe similar fields within fields.

If we look at the cosmos, we see remarkably beautiful, radiant spirals. Images of human anatomy alsoLife on Land,
reveal spirals throughout the body. Our muscles spiral out from the midline represented by the spine. The connective tissues and fascia enveloping the muscles and connecting the whole of our bodies can be seen as spiraled lines spanning the entire length of the body. We are not so different from the cosmos! We are still spiraled water, like the embryo. As Conrad declares in her book,

We are not separate from the fluid that spirals us as embryos. We are that spiraled fluid. Pulsating waves create the ocean behind all human activities. We are water beings destined to live on land on a mission that is unknowable.” (p. 293).

Healing Humans, Planets and Galaxies
In healing work like Continuum Movement and Craniosacral Biodynamics, we find that slowing down and returning to more natural, essential rhythms of life support health and well-being. While this applies to the Continuum mover or Biodynamic client, the benefits seem to extend well beyond the individual. If we are fluidic resonant beings, how can we even for a moment consider ourselves as separate from all other fluidity? If a butterfly flapping its wing in Japan can set off a tornado across the world, as the butterfly effect proposes, how can the speed in our lives, our breath and our bodies not affect our planet?

Our modern, western world is based on attitudes of individuality, isolation and separation, all of which are wreaking havoc on our planet as well as her inhabitants. If our resonance is as extensive as it seems, our unbalanced way of living may also be affecting the larger environment including the space we send our space ships into, other planets, and even other galaxies. It may be our responsibility to begin taking care of ourselves in basic ways that can counter this tendency for imbalance. Is it not time for us to acknowledge our connectedness to all things? And cognitive acknowledgement is not enough. If we do not return to an embodied state of connectedness, there is no ground for believing it is so. Without our bodies experience to inform us, we are simply talking about ideas of connection without knowing what this means.

In support of our embodied knowing and return to resonant connection with all beings and all things, I am facilitating a new Continuum Movement workshop emphasizing our resonance with nature and the inherent bio-rhythms we share with a continuum of being. More information on the workshop is available on my website at: www.cherionna.com.

For more information and to register for my workshop Embryo, Earth and Cosmos: Resonance and Resilience with Continuum Movement, happening this weekend in Totnes, Devon and in April in Vancouver, BC, please check my website at http://www.cherionna.com/classwrk.html


  1. Do you know why the human anatom has recently experienced dramatoc changes - i. e. - heart and stomach lication, increase in liver size, location of heart, change to rib cage, skull structure, enormous liver and more.

  2. Thanks for your question, Julie. This is not something I"m familiar with. What do you mean by "recently"? I know we have gone through structural changes in relation to being vertical bipeds. Interesting question!